Senior Living Bozeman Montana

Senior Living in Bozeman Montana


Senior Living in Bozeman has become big business. Entrepreneurs riding the wave of an aging population. Mixed use facilities from homes/condos that you can purchase through a real estate agent or lease to apartments that have more care. This gives seniors the opportunity to ride the Bozeman real estate wave or to lease an apartment or condo while they can still be active and the opportunity to find more intensive care as needed in later years.

There are usually meal plans that give flexibility and give opportunities to socialize with other residents. Community activities are organized with games, exercise and music. A main lobby anchors most of the facilities and then wings are built off the lobby. The condo/homes are unattached usually and built in a 180 degree circle around the main building.

You find the residents grow very close to each other and build a real sense of community to care for each other. This has turned into a business that has waiting lists for potential residents and continued growth and opportunity as Bozeman grows and residents move their aging parents to live close for care.

Here is an example called the Bozeman Lodge.